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Pool Allocated Gold & Silver Bullion

pool allocated bullion investment services accounts
  • Buy, Sell or Withdraw Gold, Silver and Platinum Online
  • Trade precious metals online 24/7
  • Pool allocated holdings have no storage fees
  • Sell for cash or withdraw as physical gold, silver or platinum bars
  • Physical Gold & Silver Deposits Available In Store
  • We welcome all types of clients (Personal, Business, Trust, SMSF)

More about our Pool Allocated Bullion Services

Our pool allocated bullion products provide a simple way for you to invest in precious metals without the stress of having to store bullion yourself.

Our pool allocated metals are a cost-effective alternative to buying physical gold bars or coins.

When you buy pool allocated, you are purchasing direct from our current existing precious metal holdings. As we are utilising the gold or silver as part of our business, we do not charge any storage fees, and are also able to offer you a lower purchase rate and higher buy back rate.

When you are ready to invest from the pool, we will set you up an account to our online investors centre application. In our investor centre can view the value of your holdings, buy more bullion or whenever the timing is right, you can sell your holdings at anytime for cash, or convert your current holdings into physical bars to take physical ownership.

When converting to physical bars, a barring fee is required to process this. This barring fee is the same as the price you would pay to purchase the physical bullion from us, an example is provided below:

Barring fee example: 1oz Bullion Bar $2420, 1oz Pooled bullion share $2400. Barring fee = $20 to withdraw.

Our pool allocated service is available for gold, silver and platinum, we fully guarantee all your metal holdings will be physically held by us in the supply chain.

You can also provide physical bullion as a pool allocated deposit in store, we will allocate the amount provided direct to your account, following this you can manage the bullion the same way as your existing pool allocated holdings.

To open an investors centre account, first purchase a pool allocated product from our online store, after this we will provide you with access to our investors centre to buy, sell or withdraw through your own account in our online portal.

The online investors centre software also caters for June 30 valuation reporting requirements and all tax invoices are readily available online. Our investor centre has been developed from day one to focus on a platform of extremely strong security to provide you peace of mind while being able to trade 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Storage Of Physical Gold & Silver Bullion

  • Safe Secure and Low Cost Vaulted Storage Options.
  • Store newly purchased bullion from us direct to our vault.
  • Store your existing bullion in our vault by delivering to us in store.
  • Withdraw your bullion at any time (24 hours notice required).
  • Sell your vaulted bullion to us at any time and receive payment
    within 24 hours.
  • Obtain a loan on your physical holdings from us at any time.
  • View your items in storage online at any time in our Investors Centre.
  • Accounting for SMSF reporting purposes is also available.
gold storage silver storage melbourne brisbane australia

More about our Physical Gold & Silver Storage Services

Our vaulted storage options for physical gold and silver bullion offer a low cost and highly secure way to store your precious

Customers who purchase bullion from us in store or using our online store will have the option to add the bullion
to their vaulted storage account.

All items in storage can be tracked using our Investors Centre website, which will also keep you up to date
with the value of your gold and silver, along with details on the value should you wish to sell direct
to us at any time.

You can withdraw the physical bullion at any time should you decide to take delivery yourself, we will require
24 hours notice beforehand.

Should you require money but want to keep your gold bullion, we can also offer cash loans upon your bullion holdings.
We can also assist you with documentation required for SMSF management for all items you hold in storage,
or previously held within the current financial year.

SMSF Services & Custom Bulk Bullion Pricing

self managed super fund gold bullion investment company smsf
  • We are able to provide bulk purchase discounts on large bullion
    purchases by SMSF managers, call our Melbourne head office to
    discuss the best price we can assist you with for your self managed
    super find investments.
  • Our investors centre services, such as pool allocated bullion and
    physical bullion storage are created with SMSF management and
    compliance in mind.
  • All documentation for SMSF management regarding your Pool
    Allocated bullion and Bullion Storage is provided to you as required
    by our accounts department.

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Australian Gold Capital Retail Outlets

If you are looking to buy Australian Gold Capital Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium bullion, please select one of
our retail outlets below.

New trade customers are recommended to contact our Melbourne office for assistance..

Suite 701 Level 7 / 227 Collins
Street, Melbourne. Victoria.
Australia. 3000

(03) 8678 2085

Visit Website
Suite 3A, Level 3 / 144
Adelaide Street, Brisbane City.
Queensland. Australia 4000

(07) 3123 6677

Visit Website
Suite 619, Level 6
38 Gawler Place,
Adelaide, South Australia. 5000

(08) 8304 8998

Visit Website
109 Ryrie Street, Geelong.
Victoria. Australia. 3220

(03) 8678 2050

Visit Website
Level 1, 2-4 Whitehorse Rd,
Blackburn, Victoria 3130

(03) 8904 8099

Visit Website
Shop 1 / 663 Ipswich Road,
Annerley. Queensland.
Australia. 4103

(07) 3123 6679

Visit Website

Australian Gold Capital Head Office Details

For more information on our products and services, please contact our Melbourne head office via the details below

Melbourne (Head Office)

Australian Gold Capital
Level 7, Suite 701.
227 Collins Street.
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 8678 2085