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Terms of Purchase

By purchasing bullion from us, you accept the quoted amount advertised at the time of sale, and the order total including postage costs (if required) as being the amount owed for the order, which is to be paid within one (1) hour from the time of submitting your order. You must supply us with a receipt number, or screen shot photo, so we can verify your bank deposit payment has definitely been sent to us.

If Gold Dealers Exchange Pty. Ltd. are not notified of payment being sent, your order may be subject to amendment (continue reading this page in full for details on amendments).

When paying by Bank Deposit using internet banking, please make your bank transfer immediately after placing your order. Most banks will deliver your payment to us within 24 hours. Once received, we will advise you to come in to our store to collect your bullion, or proceed to deliver your bullion.

If you are planning to pay in person at a bank, to ensure we receive immediate payment, we recommend visiting the financial institution our account is held with (National Australia Bank) and making your payment over the counter. When paying in this way the total order amount will clear into our account within 24 hours.

Remember to include, or ask the teller to include, your order number so we can identify your payment, and provide us with the transfer receipt details so your order can be officially placed. Providing us a picture of your internet banking or in-branch transfer receipt ensures good confidence that the money is on its way.

Gold Dealers Exchange Pty. Ltd. reserve the right to amend any orders where market volatility alters the price of the bullion to a level where we would incur a loss on the sale price between the time of your purchase and the time of us locking in the price of your bullion. In the instance of a rise in market value of your requested items, your order will be amended to our current rates at the time of us manually placing your order on hold, and we will notify you of the new amended price. If amended, you agree to provide us with further payment to cover our loss.

In short, make payment immediately after ordering and always confirm with us by email or phone that your payment has been sent (while also providing proof of deposit).

Any orders where the purchaser declares a deposit has been made, but the deposit does not arrive in our account, will be subject to payment in full of our out-of-pocket expenses. We reserve the right to refer your details on to private debt collection agencies for any out of pocket expenses incurred due to a false declaration of payment or in any other instance of a non-payment where we have processed your order in expectation of the purchase being completed as per the terms above.

Further terms and conditions relating to our legal requirements for AusTrac Federal Government regulations can be viewed at the following link: Legal Order Terms

Bullion items purchased as PRE-ORDER

By placing an order for any item advertised under the term "PREORDER", you understand that we do not currently have these items in stock and the order will be delivered to you or ready for collection upon arrival of our new stock. Any dates advertised in regards to PREORDER items are not guaranteed. We reserve the right to take up to three months to fulfil any PREORDER items purchased. Following this three month period if stock is not available, your order may be cancelled and fully refunded.

Amendments (on our behalf)

Gold Dealers Exchange Pty. Ltd. reserves the right, in the event of a sudden rise in the value of bullion, between the time of your order and us placing a lock-in value on your bullion, to amend any order to the accurate bullion price.

Amendments may be required due to volatile world precious metal prices, or due to orders placed outside Australian bullion market hours.

If your order has been amended by us, you will be contacted by email regarding the change and notified of any additional amount required to be paid. Any additional payment will be required within 24 hours of notification.

Order Cancellations

All orders placed with us are considered final, regardless as to whether payment has been made, as our company will have already placed a lock in value on your bullion. Please make sure your order is correct at the time of placement. Once we have placed the order for purchase of your bullion we can not issue a refund on this amount. If you wish to cancel your order, after you have paid for the bullion your only option is to sell your bullion back to us at our buy back rates. Management reserves the right to pursue any losses incurred due to non-payment.

Shipping/Postage Details (Within Australia)

Orders placed for delivery within Australia will be sent via AusPost Express Post Platinum, once funds have cleared into our account. We offer two types of delivery via this service, standard satchel and Insured satchel. Insurance is provided by AusPost and covers your order up to $5,000 per satchel if lost in transit. We pack satchels up to a 3kg limit. If your order exceeds 3kg then we will use a second satchel and place insurance on both, meaning each satchel will be covered up to a maximum of $5,000 each.

The standard satchel service requires a digital signature on delivery and possibly an additional presentation of photo id if you pick the item up from your local post office. The insured service adds an additional signature on delivery, on a special paper document to be signed in order for your package to be released. This ensures you will receive the parcel and in addition we will receive confirmation of who signed for the satchel upon delivery.

Gold Dealers Exchange Pty. Ltd. do not take any responsibility for items lost during transit, and as such we highly recommend you purchase the Express Post Platinum Insured option during checkout to cover your items in the event they are lost during transit to your nominated delivery address. Payments of insurance, known as "Extra Cover" by Australia Post, is solely regulated and decided upon by Australia Post. We have no ability to decide the outcome of a claim, however we can place a claim on your behalf should your order not arrive. If you do not purchase the Australia Post insured option, then goods are sent at your own risk through the AusPost network to your nominated delivery address.

Shipping/Postage Details (Outside Australia)

Orders placed for delivery outside of Australia will be sent using Australia Post's Airmail service. Airmail is the fastest possible delivery method worldwide and normal arrival time is usually around one (1) week. At present insurance for loss in transit is not available for orders being delivered outside of Australia. This may change in the future so please check back for updates.

Pool Allocated Bullion Products, Investors Centre Website and Transactions

Our Pool Allocated product allows investors to access a 'share' in our pool of precious metals held by our company and any related body corporate.

All access to the pool allocation is undertaken from an initial purchase in our online store, followed by the customer providing an account registration and 100 points of identification. Following this, if approved, access is provided to our 'Investors Centre' website, located at

Our investors centre website offers customers the ability to access Pool allocated services, by undertaking requests, termed by us as either a buy / purchase or a sell / sale / withdrawal, all requests are known collectively as 'transactions'.

Clients wishing to sell part or all of their pool allocation can do so via the above-mentioned Investors Centre website. Upon submission of a sell request and providing a valid completed withdrawal form and 100 points of ID, we will make payment to your nominated bank account.

Please note that Australian Gold Capital reserves the right to deny, cancel and/or refund any transaction made using our investors centre website in the event we solely determine the quoted price was not an accurate reflection of the current market value at the time of processing.

By engaging us to provide a pool allocated product, you acknowledge, understand and accept that our 'pool allocated' product inventory is represented by a physical inventory of precious metals on hand and metal receivable positions held with any related body corporate.

Australian Gold Capital shall not be liable for any loss arising in connection to access, operation, delays, errors, breakdowns, disruptions, availability or malfunctions of any system, device or service we provide, except where specifically required by law.

Your consent

By using our site, you consent to be bound by our terms and conditions, along with our Privacy Policy.

Further Information

For further information, please feel free to contact Gold Dealers Exchange Pty. Ltd. Head Office by phone or email.

Write to: Attn: General Manager
Suite 701, Level 7/ 227 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia. 3000

Call: (03) 8678 2085


The term "Bullion" in this document covers all items we offer for sale or purchase containing Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium.

Last updated: 9th March 2020